Certified technicians providing you with auto repairs because your time is valuable. You will have peace of mind knowing your auto repairs are being performed by certified mobile mechanics so save your time and money. We think your certified repairs shouldn't break the bank so we provide service right to your door. By providing our customer's quality service at affordable costs and provide industry standard warranties.

Everetts Auto Repair Mobile mechanic experience

Exclusive mobile mechanic auto repair service. First class service call today for certified auto repair. 

Stress free luxury of home/office appointments

Scheduling & Memberships

Air Conditioning & Heater

Comfort effects the driving experience. Certified mobile mechanics keep you cool so your travels are comfortable. Keep cool this summer without being overcharged. While cold is vital, problems with your heater may be a symptom of bigger issues.


Brake pads and brake rotors are essential. Warn parts replaced before failure can save you money. We only use the best quality materials for you safety. Whenever auto repairs are needed a quick visual brake inspection keeps you safe and on the road so you can concentrate on what really matters


Our certified technicians are equipped with a full line of diagnostics devices and equipment. Our mobile mechanic’s diagnostic capabilities commonly out perform traditional shops.


Driveline components do break down. These parts can leave you stranded. Grinding noises, clicking, rubbing, and vibrations that cause you concern is best checked by certified professionals.


Vehicles are equipped with dozens of onboard systems. Many people think auto repair costs of electrical and electronic systems will be too high but we provide certified and well experienced technicians so rest assured we keep pricing competitive.


Well maintained suspensions provide balance to your ride quality but also increases your braking reliability. Emergency swerves or stops are most effectively performed with with properly functioning suspensions. 

Specialty Applications

Auto repair as a mobile mechanic service is our base structure but our advanced training and history in industrial/military electronics allows us to provide new and more enhanced options to our customers.

  Provide higher class luxury for your clients. Enjoy designer systems in your work vehicles. Alternative energy usage with applications across numerous platforms. Grow into the future by embracing technology.

Power is our passion.

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